More questions?

What can I add Butter to?

Currently, you can take out Butter on the categories listed in your Butter account (including new Phones, Laptops, Headphones and more), with an original purchase price between AU$300 - AU$5,000.  

We expect to add more categories of items in 2023.

How do I add Butter?

You can take Butter out on selected new items directly through our website by adding an item to your Butter account, within 90 days of the original purchase date of that item.

Butter is partnering with brands to make the process of adding Butter smooth and simple like, well... Butter. We have some big announcements coming soon.

What am I covered for with Butter?

Butter covers your new item against accidental damage and theft Australia-wide, as well as outside of Australia while you are travelling for up to 90 days.

Accidental damage
means unintentional damage to the item that is not expected or planned by you.

means the dishonest appropriation without lawful excuse of the item by someone other than you, where that other person intended to permanently deprive you of the item.

The theft needs to occur:
- from you or your personal belongings, while in your possession; or
- a secured building or a locked and fully enclosed motor vehicle or marine craft, where there is evidence of forcible entry.

What doesn't Butter cover?

Butter does not cover you for accidental loss of your item.

This means that if you accidentally leave your item somewhere unattended, it won’t be covered. Other exclusions also apply, so be sure to read the Product Disclosure Statement in full. The section covering exclusions is on page 8 of the Product Disclosure Statement.

How do I make a claim?

You can lodge your claim using the ‘Claims’ tab in your Butter Account and selecting the item you want to make a claim for. You can then follow the prompts to lodge your claim. The more information you provide, the easier it is to process your claim.

How much excess will I need to pay?

For a mobile phone screen repair or replacement, the excess is a flat fee of $75. For all other repairs and for replacement, the excess depends on the original purchase price of your item. See page 10 of the Product Disclosure Statement for a full table of excesses.

What happens if my item is stolen?

If your item is stolen, you will need to make a police report as soon as you can after the theft occurs.

You can then upload the report when you lodge a claim through your Butter account.  If your item is a mobile phone or SIM-enabled smartwatch or tablet, you will also need to contact your telecommunications carrier as soon as possible to suspend the use of your SIM card and block the IMEI number.

Once those two things are done, you can lodge a claim through your Butter account. If you lodged the claim before completing these steps, that’s okay. Just be sure to lodge the police report and suspend the use of your SIM card and block the IMEI number as soon as you can and email the report to us so that we can assess your claim.  We’ll need these steps completed in order to process the claim.

What happens if my payment of my premium fails?

If your payment fails, we'll send you an email letting you know that it has failed and will retry debiting payment, within the next 3 days of the failed payment.

If we are unable to process your payment within 14 days of the due date, you will not be able to make a claim for your item until your account is paid up.

Unfortunately, if a premium remains unpaid for 1 month after the due date, we will cancel your cover.

How do I renew my policy?

Whether you choose to pay for your Butter policy monthly or yearly, the policy will renew on an annual basis.If we decide to renew your Butter Up Policy, we will send a renewal offer via email (Renewal Email) 21 days prior to the renewal date to let you know the details of your renewal premium and any other changes to the terms and conditions of the cover prior to your current policy expiring.

If you want to renew your Policy, you do not need to do anything else. Your Policy will renew automatically on the date set out in your Renewal Email. We will process your renewal payment via your preferred payment method saved to your Butter account.

If you do not want to renew your policy you will need to log into your Butter account and follow the prompts to cancel your policy, prior to its renewal date.

If any of the information in the renewal offer is incorrect, you need to advise us by following the prompts in your Renewal Email. If you fail to tell us the information is incorrect, we may reduce or refuse to pay a claim if the incorrect information has a financial impact on the claim cost.